SenSura® Click Xpro Baseplate, Box of 5

Trust in double-layer security. SenSura Click is a two-piece mechanical coupling system that combines the unique SenSura double-layer adhesive with an audible ‘click’ to ensure the pouch is locked securely to the baseplate. SenSura Click is a two-piece system with a mechanical coupling, for extra reassurance
  • The pouch is attached securely to the baseplate by a mechanical coupling system. An audible ‘click’ confirms that the pouch is locked securely to the baseplate.
  • Before the pouch is locked into position, it can be rotated into the desired position, without the pouch having to be removed from the baseplate.
  • The pouch can be removed separately from the SenSura double-layer baseplate, allowing the pouch to be changed more frequently than the adhesive baseplate. 
  Convex Light, for stomas that are difficult to manage. SenSura baseplates are available in Convex Light. The oval shape of the Convex Light baseplate is designed to help a stoma that is difficult to manage, for example, a stoma that is flush, retracted, or located in a skin fold. It applies light and directed pressure on the peristomal skin to reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude. Ask your enterostomal therapy nurse for more information about Convex Light.  
Tape - SenSura® Click Xpro Baseplate, Box of 5 The unique SenSura adhesive has two layers, designed to deliver the security needed to live every day with confidence. Key benefits
  • Protection layer - protects the skin from stoma output
  • Skin care layer - keeps skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture
SenSura Xpro adhesive offers extra protection against aggressive output. It is suitable for people with an ileostomy or urostomy that have a more aggressive output which breaks down standard adhesives too quickly. Human - SenSura® Click Xpro Baseplate, Box of 5
A comfortable and discreet pouch SenSura Click appliances are available with a flat or convex SenSura and SenSura Xpro baseplate. These are combined with drainable, closed or urostomy pouches.  The broad assortment consists of a range of baseplates with pre-cut or cut-to-fit hole sizes which can be customized and transparent or opaque pouches in a variety of sizes. Piercing - SenSura® Click Xpro Baseplate, Box of 5 BodyCheck Coloplast online self-assessment tool, BodyCheck, will help you figure out your current body profile and whether your body has changed significantly. It has suggestions for the right pouches and accessories for you.

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SKU Convexity Cut | Stoma Size Coupling size Order Quantity Price Add To Cart
10015 Non-convex Cut-to-Fit | 10-35mm (3/8"- 1 3/8") 40mm (1 9/16") 5 Per Box $51.92 CAD
10025 Non-convex Cut-to-Fit | 10-45mm (3/8"- 1 3/4") 50mm (2'') 5 Per Box $51.92 CAD
10035 Non-convex Cut-to-Fit | 10-55mm (3/8"- 2 1/8") 60mm (2 3/8") 5 Per Box $51.92 CAD
10045 Non-convex Cut-to-Fit | 10-65mm (3/8"- 2 1/2") 70mm (2 3/4") 5 Per Box $51.92 CAD
11015 Convex light Cut-to-Fit | 15-23mm (5/8"-7/8") 40mm (1 9/16") 5 Per Box $75.30 CAD
11025 Convex light Cut-to-Fit | 15-33mm (5/8"- 1 1/4") 50mm (2'') 5 Per Box $75.30 CAD
11035 Convex light Cut-to-Fit | 15-43mm (5/8"- 1 3/4") 60mm (2 3/8") 5 Per Box $75.30 CAD
11045 Convex light Cut-to-Fit | 15-53mm (5/8"- 2 1/16") 70mm (2 3/4") 5 Per Box $73.04 CAD
10017 Non-convex Pre-Cut | 25mm (1") 40mm (1 9/16") 5 Per Box $52.38 CAD
10026 Non-convex Pre-Cut | 30mm (1 1/8") 50mm (2'') 5 Per Box $52.38 CAD
11016 Convex light Pre-Cut | 21mm (7/8") 40mm (1 9/16") 5 Per Box $75.97 CAD
11026 Convex light Pre-Cut | 25mm (1") 50mm (2'') 5 Per Box $75.97 CAD
11028 Convex light Pre-Cut | 31mm (1 1/4") 50mm (2'') 5 Per Box $75.97 CAD