Skin Barrier Sprays & Wipes

Skin Barrier Sprays & Wipes

It's very important to keep the skin around your stoma healthy, and Instride is proud to provide a number of top-quality barriers, sprays and wipes to keep your skin healthy and irritation-free while helping you stay comfortable. The products below are produced by some of the most respected manufacturers in the business, including Hollister and Coloplast, and Instride should be your number one resource for stoma care products. Scroll down to see what we have to offer.

A Stoma Care Product for You

Once your ostomy surgery has been performed, it's time to get back to living life on your terms. This means getting back to the activities that you love most, whether it's in a work context, a physical activity, or even something as simple as spending time with friends and family.

But to do so properly requires using the appropriate products for the job, and that's where Instride comes in. We have the types of stoma care and ostomy skin barrier products you'll need, whether you're in the market for adhesive sprays, adhesive removers, protective skin wipes, or others. Using medical-grade ingredients, the products on offer through Instride will deliver the sort of performance you deserve, one that will improve the adhesive contact between your skin and your ostomy pouch while reducing skin irritation and protecting your skin from damage.

Keep in mind, ostomy skin barriers perform a very important task, acting as a wall between your skin and your stoma output. One of the most common reasons people seek medical attention is because of pain associated with peristomal skin damage. Damaged skin leads to pain and possible infections, and also makes it harder for your ostomy skin barrier to adhere to your skin.

The adhesiveness and durability of different pouching products also vary widely, so once you've found a well-fitting ostomy skin barrier that is properly adjusted to your body shape and activity profile, the stoma products you use also need to be optimized and work in concert with the barrier as much as possible as well. You owe it to yourself to find the proper combination of highest-quality stoma care products you can find, and that's exactly what we have at Instride.