Stoma Powders and Ostomy Pastes

Stoma Powders and Ostomy Pastes

Among the list of ostomy accessories you'll need to maintain your health and prevent discomfort, stoma powder and skin barrier pastes are among the most crucial. 

The stoma powder available below is ideal for reducing irritated skin by absorbing moisture and keeping the area around your stoma dry. The stoma powder can be used around the stoma or under the baseplate, and is a great go-to tool to deal effectively with issues of leakage, skin irritation or odour. Accessories-7906-Adapt Stoma Powder-

Adapt Stoma Powder


This powder is used to absorb moisture from broken skin around the stoma, which allows for better barrier adhesion to help protect the skin. Broke...

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Ostomy Paste


Fills cavities and folds. Coloplast® Ostomy Paste fills deeper cavities and folds, creating a tight seal between the baseplate and skin. Coloplast®...

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Ostomy pastes help flatten out adhesion areas by filling in scars and folds, helping to create a tighter seal between the baseplate and the skin. Many of the pastes available are also designed to absorb moisture, so when used in combination with stoma powder, you'll be in a great position to not only protect your skin, but increase the wear-time of your ostomy system as well!