OPSITE™ FLEXIGRID™ Transparent Film Dressing, 6cm x 7cm, Box of 100 - 6cm x 7cm

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OPSITE FLEXIGRID is a sterile transparent, adhesive acrylic film dressing, with a unique wound measurement grid.



Outer Impermeable Film

Impermeable to liquids and bacteria and provides protection from external contaminants. Reducing the risk of secondary infection

Waterproof Acrylic Adhesive Dressing

OPSITE Flexigrid with a low allergy adhesive has set the standard in moist wound healing by providing an environment for safer and less painful wound healing. Allows patient to shower with the dressing in place

Simple, effective application system

The flexible carrier enables single-handed application for a simple, effective application technique. Its transparency enables accurate positioning over the wound site

High Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR)

The film has a unique molecular structure that provides a high MVTR, allowing optimal moisture retention and unwanted moisture to transpire away from the skin, preventing skin maceration. The dressing can be left in place for up to 14 days. This minimizes interference at the wound site and reduces the amount of nursing time required. 

Unique Wound Measurement Grid

OPSITE Flexigrid incorporates a unique wound measurement grid that allows simple but accurate assessments of the healing process to be made. After tracing the edges of the wound, the Flexigrid carrier can be removed and stored in the patient's notes

Conformable & Flexible

The unique dressing design is conformable and flexible while the low-allergy adhesive ensures comfort to wear and ease of application and removal. OPSITE Flexigrid has been designed to allow easy application of the film to awkward areas of the body and over dressings and tubes. It can be easily cut into strips or shapes


Does OPSITE Flexigrid offer permeability against virus? No, OPSITE Flexigrid acts as a bacterial barrier but there is no data on file regarding virus.

Can OPSITE Flexigrid act as a bacterial barrier against MRSA? Yes, OPSITE Flexigrid is effective against MRSA.

Are these dressings suitable for all patient populations? Yes, OPSITE Flexigrid dressings are suitable for adult, bariatric, paediatric and neonatal populations.

Is this product latex-free? The OPSITE Flexigrid product line does not contain latex in either the component formulation, finished product or the packaging.

Does product packaging allow product to be easily delivered to sterile field without jeopardizing sterility? Yes, OPSITE when passed following a sterile technique the product would maintain its sterility. All dressings are individually packaged in a pouch and sealed around all four edges. 

What is the average wear time for OPSITE Flexigrid? The dressing can stay-in-place indefinitely, based on clinical judgement.

Is OPSITE Flexigrid single use and disposable? Yes, both single patient use and disposable.

Can OPSITE Flexigrid be used under NPWT? Can be used for the retention of dressings used with NPWT system.

What is the best way to remove the OPSITE Flexigrid dressing? To remove the dressing, lightly hold the dressing in place whilst taking one corner of the dressing and lifting it and gently pulling the film parallel to the skin. Release and repeat the process. Utilizing a stretch and release technique allows for an atraumatic removal of product.

Do the carriers stay on the dressing? No, OPSITE Flexigrid has a two piece backing paper and clear top carrier grid to allow for precise application See the IFU for detailed instructions.

How can residual adhesive be removed from the skin? Remove dressings by loosening the film and stretching the dressing parallel to the patient's skin while stabilizing the patient's skin and catheter with the other hand. Alternatively, use an alcohol wipe to break the adhesive seal. If the skin is particularly fragile then warm soap and water may be used to break the adhesive bond and to ease the dressing off without leaving any residue.

Where is the expiry date located? The expiry date is located on the side of the box.


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