Brava Accessories-9505-Ostomy Scissors-

Ostomy Scissors


For an optimum fit around your stoma. Ostomy scissor with curved blades, designed to facilitate the circular cuts made when cutting your ostomy bas...

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Ostomy Paste


Fills cavities and folds. Coloplast® Ostomy Paste fills deeper cavities and folds, creating a tight seal between the baseplate and skin. Coloplast®...

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Brava® Mio Belt


A belt is designed to provide the extra security. It is used to keep the baseplate in place, this can be particularly helpful, if you find it chall...

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from $9.82

Brava® Belt


The Brava® Belt is made of soft and comfortable material, and is discreet to wear. The belt comes in both a standard and XL size, which are adjusta...

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