ALLEVYN™ Gentle Border Adhesive Hydrocellular Foam Dressing


ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressing has an advanced triple-layered construction that combines an absorbent hydrocellular pad sandwiched between a perforated silicone gel adhesive wound contact layer and a highly permeable waterproof outer film. The backing film aids in the prevention of fluid and bacterial strikethrough. ALLEVYN Gentle Border Heel contributes to a pressure-relieving protocol when used in conjunction with pressure-relieving devices.




Unique triple- layered construction

The ALLEVYN Gentle Border tri-laminated brand absorbs, retains and transpires the optimal balance of fluid to promote moist wound closure and may help to reduce the risk of maceration

Low allergy silicone gel adhesive, non-adherent wound contact layer

ALLEVYN Gentle Border is coated with a low allergy, silicone gel adhesive wound contact layer that ensures atraumatic removal at dressing changes. The dressing can be lifted and repositioned without losing its adherent properties. When applied to the skin this adhesive flows gently into the crevices of the skin allowing more points to stay in place

Absorbent hydrocellular foam

The open-celled structure of the hydrocellular foam has a rapid fluid update and vertical wicking.  Absorbs the wound exudate, retains it and transpires it for optimal balance of fluid, moving it away from the wound surface. ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressings are soft and cushioning,  giving excellent patient comfort and protection

Highly breathable film


REACTIC film that actively responds to changing exudate levels. Helps to minimize the risk of maceration to the wound and peri-wound as well as providing an effective barrier to bacteria to minimize the risk of contamination. Showerproof dressing

A broad range of dressing shapes and sizes 

Dressings include; squares, rectangles, multisite, sacrum and heel shapes designed to conform to “hard to dress” areas.   Multisite has a unique tri-lobe, flexible design that conforms to curved area, one size for many applications can help reduce hospital inventory



What is the average wear time? Average wear time has not been determined as there are substantial variations regarding patient needs, wound types and local clinical practice. 

The dressing may be left in place for up to 7 days, or until the exudate is visible and approaches 0.5cm from the edge of the dressing pad, whichever is sooner. Except for the sacral area where dressings have the capacity to stay in place for up to 5 days or until the exudate is visible and approaches 0.5cm from the edge of the dressing pad, whichever is sooner. During the early stages of wound management, ALLEVYN Gentle Border should be inspected frequently. Dressing change frequency will depend on the type and condition of the wound.  Where the product is used on infected wounds the infection should be inspected and treated as per local clinical protocol.

Can this dressing be repositioned? Yes, ALLEVYN Gentle Border can be lifted and repositioned on application without losing its adherent properties.

Can dressing be used under negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)? Not appropriate to use under negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).   An alternative suggestion is to use ACTICOAT™ or ACTICOAT™ Flex, a mesh design that does not impede exudate from base of wound to NPWT gauze or foam interface.

Can dressing be used under compression therapy? Yes, ALLEVYN Gentle Border can be used in combination with other methods of treatment including compression therapy, under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Care should be taken to ensure that the dressing has adhered in position before compression bandages are applied.

What amount of fluid can ALLEVYN Gentle Border hold? ALLEVYN Gentle Border can manage: 71g/100cm²

What is the MTVR of ALLEVYN Gentle Border? ALLEVYN Gentle Border: 1723gm(-²)/24hrs

How do I remove dressing without causing trauma to the wound or peri-wound skin? ALLEVYN Gentle Border - was designed with a non-adherent wound contact layer to prevent healing tissue from growing into the dressing minimizing pain on removal. To remove the ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressing, lift one corner and pull the dressing back on itself.

Can dressing be cut? Yes, can be cut with scissors to fit awkward areas, and with no evidence of the foam shedding. Ensure any exposed foam areas are covered with an appropriate film dressing taking care not to cover the entire dressing.

What is the shelf life of your product(s) from the date of manufacture? The shelf life for these products is 36 months.

Does the product packaging allow product to be easily delivered to sterile field without jeopardizing sterility? The product packing is not sterile – however, when passed following a sterile technique the product would maintain its sterility. All dressings are individually packaged in a pouch and sealed around all four edges.  The top liner has visual cues located on tabs to facilitate sterile delivery.

What products can be used with ALLEVYN Gentle Border? Most exudate management/ filler dressings (Acticoat, Durafiber, AlgiSite M and Gauze) can be used under ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressings. ALLEVYN Gentle Border can be used in conjunction with INTRASITE™ Gel for necrotic or sloughy wounds.

Can a liquid skin barrier be used under the ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressing? Yes, liquid skin barriers (SKIN-PREP, NO STING SKIN PREP) may be used prior to the application where fragile skin is involved. However, the adhesive flows gently into the crevices of the skin allowing more points of contact to stay in place and therefore may not necessitate the need for a barrier. We neither support nor discourage this use – it’s a clinical decision based on the need to protect the skin.  If the patient requires the skin to be protected, they would use it, but under normal circumstances, it is not necessary based on the fact that the silicone is gentle on the skin.

Is ALLEVYN Gentle Border suitable for use alone on cavity wounds? ALLEVYN Gentle Border is not suitable for use alone on cavity wounds but may be used over cavity wounds as a secondary dressing.

What precautions are necessary for patient undergoing MRI? No precautions necessary when ALLEVYN Gentle Border is used on a patient during MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination.

Is ALLEVYN Gentle Border compatible with oil based products such as petrolatum? ALLEVYN Gentle Border is not compatible with oil based products such as petrolatum, as the dressings wound not adhere.

Is ALLEVYN Gentle Border compatible with topical antimicrobials? ALLEVYN Gentle Border is compatible with topical antimicrobials.  If reddening or sensitization occurs discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Is it normal to see tiny bits of silicone left on the skin? Yes, the offset of bobbling of silicone onto the skin after application is normal when using silicone dressings. This is because the silicone on the dressing can rub off depending on the amount of weight, sheer or moisture applied to the dressing during wear.

Are these dressings suitable for all patient populations? ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressings are suitable for adult, bariatric, and pediatric populations.

Is this product latex-free? The ALLEVYN Gentle Border product line does not contain latex in either the component formulation, finished product or the packaging.

Can cleansers such as hydrogen peroxide or EUSOL be used with this dressing? Do not use ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressings with oxidizing agents such as hypochlorite solutions (eg. EUSOL) or hydrogen peroxide, as these can break down the absorbent polyurethane component of the dressing.



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